Disclaimer: I am talking about prevention only, this does not apply to critically ill patients.

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Providing facts

In part one I was raising one simple question — why healthcare consumers still don’t behave themselves? In spite of knowing a lot of valuable information about their bodies — most of us are still doing too little good deeds for our bodies.

There I am elaborating about everything that digital solutions bring as addition to just being well-read: constant reminders, on the spot metrics, personal data, inclusion into groups and so on. …

In the shadow of Coronavirus restrictions and Pfizer vaccine news, I hate to remind you, but there lies a fundamental problem in health consumers’ behavior. The future of healthcare is not imaginable without solving it.

Chronic disease recipe

Many would guess the perfect recipe for a majority of our health problems. Same old boring ingredients: tobacco use, alcohol consumption, lack of exercise and bad eating habits. The Four Musketeers (yes, including D’Artagnan) if you will, hereby shouting “One of all and all for one!” while having in mind all chronic diseases.

If you also assume that’s true — you are perfectly right: these…

Kasparas Aleknavicius

I started as a relatively smart guy. I am living comprehensive and dynamic lifestyle, focusing on personal growth and building the future.

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