Future health revolution is simpler than you think. Why Health consumers still blunder and how healthcare technology is changing that using data? (Part I)

Chronic disease recipe

Many would guess the perfect recipe for a majority of our health problems. Same old boring ingredients: tobacco use, alcohol consumption, lack of exercise and bad eating habits. The Four Musketeers (yes, including D’Artagnan) if you will, hereby shouting “One of all and all for one!” while having in mind all chronic diseases.

Why don’t we behave?

By now it seems like everyone should be more or less familiar with the ways to tackle these four roadblocks on our way to healthier tomorrow — going through a ton of information about how their body works: from flashing ads to endless apps and blog articles rambling about WHAT you should do and HOW should you do it.

Where the Golden circle model and digitization comes into play

Let’s talk behavioral science!

Seems very common, but it doesn’t make it less important.



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